Above: Japanese dentists on study tour to Halmstad

Facial surgery export export knowledge

Halmstad: The facial surgery at the hospital is good in doing implant surgery and Japanese dentists utilize this.
Around 20 dentists from Japan have followed the activity at the hospital. During the visit they have seen a number of operations. According to Masayuki Hara, there are many basic fact to pic up. Even with visitors at the hospital follow the normal schedule according to the head of the clinic Sten Isaksson.




Japanese visitors to the hospital
Dentist study implant technology

At the hospital. With an intensive eye and with the digital camera ready to shoot, 20 pair of the eyes is following what's going on, on the screen. They can see how the small screwdriver is trying to loosen the broken titanium screw.

During this week Japanese dentists have learned Swedish technique at the hospital. This is the ninth consecutive year that the specialist department at Halmstad hospital is visited by a group of dentist from Japan. This is a part of their additional education.

Sweden and Halmstad is historically good at implant surgery. At the hospital they have a great competence. The earlier head of the clinic Lars Kristerson has developed a big contact network in Japan and Sten Isakson is now taking over.
Sweden was first with implant surgery but to reach more advanced type of operations you need to have a solid base, according to Dr. Hara, one of leaders foe the tour. It's also nice to visit Halmstad, as it is a friendly and open atmosphere at the department.

At Japanese dentistry is not organized as the Swedish one with specialist dental care organized by the local government, instead you have local study groups consisting of about 200 dentists and within the group you try to get dentists with special competence. Dr. Hara is one of them and he is one of best in Japan within the dental implant field. this time the dentists come mainly from Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka.
During two days the dentists are following various types of operations. they can either be in the operation room or follow what's going on, on a screen in a separate room.






When HP ( Hallandsposten ) visited, a patient has managed to bit hard to break his implants and now they have to be replaced with new bigger ones. A rather difficult operation according to Swedish dentists.

After each operation we have a meeting to discuss the cases and the Japanese Dentists is absorbing all comments.
Halmstad has a good reputation in the field and even if we are running this type of education the workload on the clinic is the same as usual .It is nice that we are able to attract this type of educational courses.
Now they are looking forward to next year's Japanese visit, which will be the 10th anniversary visit.





Small on the left: In the operation room. Stan Isaksson, who is the head of the department , has had twenty Japanese dentists visiting the clinic.

Big one: Documenting. Dr. Masayuki Hara is studying Swedish maxo-facial operations together with colleagues from Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka among others. Picture documentation is important to bring back.

Below big one left: Checking. Japanese dentists are studying a jaw before an operation. Lars-Ake Johansson explains.

Below big one, right, Exchange. During soon ten year Japanese dentists have visited Halmstad to study technique around implant surgery.



左下:診査。手術の前に顎を調べる日本人歯科医師。説明するラーシュ・オーケ ヨハンソン。